Look What Happened at HAH in 2019

These before and after pictures are just the beginning of the story.  Hôpital Adventiste is undergoing a major transformation.  With an effort to make the hospital look on par with the quality of services we offer some minor and major renovations were necessary.  We want patients to have a small taste of the kingdom of God when they enter the gates of HAH.  We want them to feel peace and have an environment conducive to healing.  This is a stark contrast to the chaos, and destruction of nature that exists outside the gates of our hospital.  For many years various projects have been done at Hôpital Adventiste and have improved it in a number of ways.  But this past year we were able to organize a coordinated effort to systematically clean up, fix up and overhaul the institution. 

In April of 2019 Jonathan Euler who works with a nearby sister organization helped us on a small project.  His resourcefulness was so incredibly helpful that I asked him if he could help us on a full time basis. Work was going slow with his other organization due to political issues and so he was able to make himself available to supervise our work crew.  He has been a huge blessing to HAH. His organizational skills and ability to get stuff done is unparalleled. I also owe a lot of gratitude to my dad Peter and his friend JT Haas who have made multiple trips down here this past year and lent their expertise and work ethic to the effort.  My  dad still likes to put in 10+ hour days and use his skills as a retired dentist to drill holes and fix just about anything.  JT recently retired from Pacific Gas and Electric where he was in charge of power distribution for the central coast of California.  We have had experts give advice and others come to do electrical work but never before has expertise and the ability to get a job done been so effectively combined. 

In a country where people struggle to feed their family, where political turmoil has devastated the economy, and where people are suffering from illness and injury without resources to access care, we had to ask ourselves if painting the walls, landscaping and putting up light fixtures at Hôpital Adventiste made sense.  The experiment began with a few small jobs here and there. Workers were begging for more work. We provided it. The hospital needed painting and volunteers said it was too dangerous to come to Haiti so we hired local workers. Workers learned new skills, they got paid, and they fed their families. The workers and hospital employees started developing a zeal for the work and a sense of pride for well-done projects. Everyone was encouraged.  Now I see our employees, patients and other visitors taking selfies in front of the hospital. Donor funds are not getting used just once, they are getting used over and over. Money is used to pay workers, the hospital gets fixed up, workers are trained in new skills and their families are getting fed. This allows us to operate our hospital more efficiently than ever and create more accessibility for patients in need. The pictures that follow portray some of the more cosmetic aspects of the hospital makeover. It is a work in progress.  Thank you all for your support, it is making a difference, a big difference. We have many more goals for 2020!! 

 Thank you to Jonathan, JT and Peter for all their hard work!

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7 Comments on “Look What Happened at HAH in 2019

  1. What an awesome transformation! Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of the improvements. Proud to know you Scott and Pete! Better keep that Jonathan helper around!!
    God bless you all as you move forward in doing God’s work there at HAH. Wish I could help more financially but God knows your needs and my prayers will continue for HAH and Haiti and I pray progress will continue in His time and will.
    Thank you for all you are doing for God’s kingdom and May Haiti be truly blessed by your continued presence there.?♥️?

  2. Win win for everyone— Haitians and the hospital.

  3. Wow, amazing! Good work! Thank you, God!
    (too bad about the ER ceiling leak, but repeat picture is great 🙂 )

  4. Wow! I don’t know you but I do have some concept of what it takes to make change in less than ideal circumstances and I am so impressed. This shows a lot of hard work, God’s blessing and good documentation skills 🙂 Will pray your ministry is continued.

  5. This is such a WOW, I don’t even know what to compliment first. I know everyone of those areas intimately and often wondered what it would take to clean and dress up the place. It’s a beautiful hospital, but after decades of decline in it’s upkeep, there were more eyesores than one could count. I’m just amazed and so very pleased that a hospital this functional and beautiful exists in Haiti through the work and help of the Haitian people, American donors and the amazing work of Dr. Scott. So pleased by all of it.

  6. There are so many WOWs in this blog I hardly know where to start. I am intimately acquainted with every picture shown and it is breathtaking the changes that have been made. I’m so pleased that the Haitian people have such a beautiful and peaceful place to come for help and healing right in the middle of their city. Thank you Dr. Scott, donors and Haitian workers for making the difference at HAH. Can’t wait to see it again some day.