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two men in hospital scrubs

Surgeons Finish New Training Program at HAH

The Hôpital Adventiste d’Haiti (HAH) Global Orthopedic Surgery Fellowship recently graduated its first two surgeons, Dr. Conor Spady and Dr. Isaac “Zaco” Archelus. The Global Orthopedic Surgery Fellowship at HAH, endorsed by the Office of Graduate Medical Education at Loma Linda University (LLU), provides experience applying modern surgical techniques to a challenging and unusual variety …

x-ray images of legs with rods inside

Haiti Crisis Intensifies as Surgeries Continue

Tremendous suffering is all around us, and the crisis is not improving. People are desperate for jobs, security, and the most basic necessities of life. The conflict between good and evil is more palpable than ever. Most every day, we hear gunfire, usually far enough away to avoid being startled, sometimes not. At the same …