Month: June 2019


Boot Camp in Action

The tropical night rain just started to fall as I enjoy a few peaceful Friday night moments after an incredible week. The week was concluded with an wonderful meal, worship service, and some amazing stories from James and Sarah Appel about their 15 years in Chad. It is truly an inspiration to hear stories about …

Boot Camp Safety Briefing

The DMA Boot Camp kicked off today in spite of political unrest in Port au Prince that threatened cancellation of this event. DMA stands for “deferred mission appointee” which is a loan repayment program run by the Adventist church for medical students interested in long term mission service. When students enter the military loan repayment …

Total Hip Replacement at HAH

The infrastructure required in order to do total hip replacements safely is significant.  Implants are also very expensive.  Many of our patients needing this type of surgery are young and have suffered trauma or other untreated conditions of the hip.  These surgeries are often difficult and the implants used must of the very best quality …

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