New Clinique Dentaire at HAH

Dentist works inside a patient's mouth with the patient in a dental chair

What’s worse, a broken leg or a toothache? A broken leg might be more obvious, but both significantly impact quality of life. HAH has been fixing broken legs for a long time, and now we can also take care of toothaches! Today, three Haitian dentists work in four operatory clinics with several assistants.  A new digital X-ray system is in place, and a full range of services is available. 

No matter who you are, finding a dentist in Haiti can be difficult. If you’re struggling to survive and have a toothache, paying for that dentist is even more difficult.

before and after picture of the dentist office reception

Before and after: Reception and waiting area of the new dental clinic

From dream to reality

For a long time, Dr. Peter Nelson, DDS, had the vision of opening a dental clinic at HAH. He made many visits to HAH, and each time, he was relegated to helping with other projects that took priority. With a real drive to make his dream a reality, Dr. Peter raised over $75,000 to construct and furnish the dental clinic.

Dentist works inside a patient's mouth with the patient in a dental chair

Dr. Peter Nelson takes care of one of our staff members with a toothache.

The work started a year ago with significant renovations on an underutilized area of the second floor of our outpatient clinic. We reinforced the building, moved walls, added additional space, and redid much of the plumbing and electrical. In the meantime, good quality dental chairs and equipment were acquired and sent to Haiti on an ocean container ship.

Local workers executed the architectural plans by Brian Starr and Michelle Cho. They used locally acquired materials and turned this space into a beautiful clinic. Extra effort was made to have planters, natural light, and fresh air to liven the environment.

Launching the new clinic

Our dentists are thrilled to have such a wonderful space for their work! We launched the clinic by offering complimentary services to our employees, who were super excited about this opportunity. Soon after, the clinic was fully opened, and people started coming from near and far. Our outreach programs through local churches have been popular, and we proudly provide low-cost services to people in our community. We have also initiated a teaching program to mentor dental students from the state university in Port au Prince.

Group of medical students learn how to use an x-ray machine

Dr. Nelson, DDS, instructs the team on the new digital X-ray system

The clinic was designed with flexibility to also accommodate Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) and ophthalmology services.  Dr. Charles Stewart from Loma Linda University has collaborated with a local ENT surgeon to provide much-needed ENT services.

The clinic is developing a reputation as the best in the region. More importantly, it is the only place in our local community for people with little money to come for treatment.

The mission of HAH is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by offering high-quality care to all classes of people. Our new dental clinic is living up to that mission. The professional services, compassionate care, and attractive clinic space provide our best for those who need it most.

Dentist works inside a patient's mouth with the patient in a dental chair

Dr. Beaubrun, the team leader of the dental clinic, takes care of a patient

Three people in medical scrubs

Dr. Janvier and Dr. Beaubrun with Dr. Hoffer who is visiting from California

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