November Photos!

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on at HAH.  The Lord is blessing our feeble efforts in many ways.  Jonathan and his men worked like a Formula 1 pit crew this month in order to move some major projects forward.  Jonathan used my arrival from a 2 week trip to Loma Linda to motivate the team and they really impressed me.  Many times after a trip arriving back can be a bit overwhelming but I have to say it was exciting to get back and see all the progress.  In spite of my absence for two weeks surgical volume remained just below last month’s record high and exceeded all previous months.  Here are a few November highlights.

One Comment on “November Photos!

  1. Thanks for sharing the update and wonderful pictures. Looks like there is always work to be done at Hah! Campus improvements are looking great! Praying for the unrest that surrounds you to settle down. Stay safe May your hearts and courage be strong as you continue your service there!
    ?♥️ Virginia Chamberlain